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When it comes to heating our homes most of us in the UK still rely on the common steam radiator to keep us warm. The principles of this kind of radiator have not changed much in the past 50 years, but what we see in our living rooms has certainly changed. The old cast iron radiator ( which you can still get today) was not exactly a work of art nor was it the most efficient heating device possible. Today we have radiators made of stainless steel and aluminum and fashioned into shapes which turn them into works of art, and at the same time they deliver more heat for the same amount of fuel. These are only some of the reasons that we have established our showroom where you can see and touch real radiators in order to make the best buying decisions.


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How can you find a bathtub faucet with an attachment for a ...
Check out The Faucet Glove! It's a new bathtub faucet sprayer attachment that is made of Neoprene and fits over the entire faucet. The website is,

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The Faucet Glove is simple to use with a handheld sprayer at the end of a permanently attached, 8' hose providing plenty of water pressure!